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Media Man is primarily a media, publicity, creative arts, advertising and talent management company.

Building brands via both traditional publicity, online exposure and creative branding campaigns a major focus of Media Man, as is the gaming, igaming and website portal development sector.

Cartoon art - comic art partners:

Cagle Cartoons

Casino, Gaming and iGaming sector: - profile - offering professional media, publicity, exposure campaigns to the sector for almost 10 years

Greg Tingle Promotions - Greg Tingle was instrumental in launching Media Man in 2001.

Newsrooms, journalists and program directors, please put your requests in writing.

Those seeking proposals for event ideas, advertising, publicity or creative arts services, please telephone or put your inquiry in writing.

Thank you, and we look forward to assisting you.

Hours Of Business: 8.30am to 9.00pm, Mon - Fri - unless by appointment. e-mail us anytime.

Sydney, Australia head office

Media Man includes

Media Man Media Man Int Casino News Media

Please do not send us large attachments i.e. over 500k, unless previously agreed.

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Media Man "Putting your name out there!"

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Media Man Australia offers a wide array of media service including:

  • Media exposure - articles, TV and radio interview "spots" organised.
  • Media Management - we help others manage the media, rather than the media managing you.
  • Sales copy - words that work. Articles, press releases, reviews and more.
  • Consultancy Services - utilise our industry experience. We develop solutions that work.
  • Public Relations - get the right message out . Stealth marketing, project management and more.
  • Press Releases - utilise our contacts and databases. Product launches and more. PR that works.
  • Convergent Media - multimedia interviews, web development, portal development, e-mail lists etc. We don't just trade links.
  • Video, audio and photography services.
  • Public speaking engagements. Media Forums, Master of Ceremonies, Ring Announcing.
  • Talent booking. We can book some of Australia's greatest public speakers and hot models for you and your event.
  • Government Grant consultation and guidance - based on our experience
  • Media qualifications assistance and guidance - based on our experience
  • Reviews - books, videos, CD's, Games.
  • Networking events - meet others in your line of work. Gain new clients that you want to deal with.
  • Relationship leveraging, relationship marketing, third person approaches and people power!
  • Internet Broadcasting - we are our own broadcaster! Plug into approx 1 million hits per month! A top ten website (Hitwise Australia)
  • Product placement and celebrity endorsement (ask about Universal Peace Centre Retreat, Hottest On TV, Messages On Hold, Bessie Bardot, Essan Laurent, B&T and Fairfax (The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age)
  • Social networking websites
  • Collaboration with the right worthy causes and charities

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, integrity and results are paramount.

Examine our testimonials.

Media Man has a track record second to none. Contact us today for a confidential liaison.

*Note to potential clients and associates: We do not trade links, unless we are doing business with you on a significant basis

*Paid clients, as the majority are, receive priority service

*Media Man offers a comprehensive media solution


Media Man "Putting your name out there!"

Copyright © 2002 - 2015