Interview - Olga Horak

Interview: Olga Horak, Holocaust Survivor: 28th August 2003

Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle and Yvette Moore, meet well known Holocaust survivor, Olga Horak at the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Olga kindly granted this unique, interesting and revealing interview, and we in turn purchased her book, Auschwitz to Australia: A Holocaust Survivor's Memoir, her personal account of her survival from the most terrible crimes to humanity.

She speaks in a personal, honest and open way about both her escape from the Holocaust, her views on life, and what the Sydney Jewish Museum represents to her and its place in the world.

Olga is passionate about Holocaust survivors telling their story while they are still alive, as their numbers are indeed diminishing.

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Editors note: One of the most revealing interviews of my life. Need I say more. A national treasure.


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Famous quotes by Olga:

"An army chaplain came to visit the sick … he came to my bed and he said, 'Here, my dear, I am coming to give you the last rites because you are going to die' and I looked at him and I said, 'Padre, I am Jewish. I don't need to be given the last rites and I am not going to die."

"You never forget, you can't forget".